The makeup can beautify you as it can ruin your look. Even if you use only the basic cosmetics (foundation , lipstick , blush , mascara ) , the missteps beauty await you at every turn. And the worst is that you go in you realize too late .

That is to say , when your friend or sister says you ‘ve put too much foundation, your eyelashes look like spider legs or your cheeks are competing with those of a clown escaped from circus…

To avoid this kind of ” compliments ” raining down on you , I have decided to share with you tips makeup absolutely simple that I have seen on Internet. Nothing hard don’t worry loll…

Eye Makeup (see image 1)

For the perfect eye makeup, you must learn to apply different makeup in the right order . Just so the record is as pretty as possible, book matte makeup for the upper lid and the iridescent / pearly / sequined mobile eyelid. This will take you to enlarge your eyes. For colors :
darker : apply them in zones 2 , 3, 4, 8 and 7. The shadow of Zone 2 must be in an intermediate shade.
clearer : place them in zones 1 , 6 and 9 .
Zone 5 contains no shadow . It is in that place where you need to blur the shadows for a flattering make up.

Contouring in 2 secs
(see image 2)

If you want to highlight your features , find your face shape on the image and apply matte bronzer on areas highlighted pink. For rendering as natural as possible, blend all with a big, round brush . As you can see, you do not need to ” contouring ” if your face oval. Mother Nature has been kind to you you carving hollows and curved exactly where it is needed.

I really hope you will enjoy it


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