Greetings all, I am Patience Kelly Mereylle Moussavou an accountant student, passionate about modelling & fashion currently living in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I am a frenchie at heart and in speaking. I love food though still budding in the art of the culinary culture. I seek to identify and express myself in all that in dabble in, my passion for fashion is one of many ways I chose to do so. I am a stern believer in uniqueness and that your approach towards fashion can help identify you as you journey through life.

Mereyllestyle is a visual diary containing my love and experience in fashion and beauty, style and balance, health and lifestyle. This diary seeks to show how one can use items at their disposal to reach the desired goal of being fashionable, healthy and beautiful. Showing how achieving uniqueness need not require extensive knowledge or material acquisition but rather a little rethinking, recycling and restyling.

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